Plastic surgeon


Doctor Hugo Aguilar is a renowned professional in the field of Plastic Surgery in Colombia.
Along with his HAV TEAM, they are focused on the quality of service and customer attention of all patients in the facilities located in Bogotá and Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Doctor Hugo Aguilar is a renowned professional in the field of plastic surgery due to his far reaching professional capacities and his social sensitivity.

He studied medicine at Universidad El Bosque of Bogotá Colombia; general surgery in Santa Casa da Misericordia do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; he went on to do his residency in plastic surgery in the Santos Day hospital of the university Santa Cecilia under the supervision of Dr. Osvaldo Saldahna (one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Brazil, pioneering country in plastic surgery) where he got trained in the latest and most modern techniques in corporal and facial surgery. At the moment he is on the verge of completing his masters degree in European Microsurgery and super microsurgery (advanced reconstructive surgery) in the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona which takes place in the principal capital cities in Europe. He has done microsurgery of the head and neck, Paris France, in the hospital Gustave Roussi, microsurgical reconstruction of breasts and super microsurgery at the hospital Saint Paul of Barcelona Spain, genitourinary microsurgery in the foundation Puigvert in Barcelona Spain, reconstructive microsurgery of lower limbs in the Toolo hospital in Helsinki Finland, reconstructive microsurgery of upper limb in the ospedale  careggi of Florence Italy and training simulation in microsurgery and robotics in the hospital UZ de Gent in Belgium and in the IRCAD of Strasbourg France.

Doctor Aguilar and his HAV team have focused on the quality of service and customer attention of their patients, for this, they count on their consulting area at FOSCAL located in the city of Bucaramanga Colombia and Clinica Dhara which is located in Bogotá Colombia. Such premises are divided in a reception area, as well as a consulting area, additional consulting rooms, a room for small procedures and a recovery room which counts on special monitors for vital signs control and an ample supply of medical oxygen.

In the practice of modern plastic and reconstructive surgery, everything doesn’t begin and end with the surgery itself. There is a need for a combination of care: pre-operative consultation, surgical and non-surgical procedures, and post-operative care.